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I and Ai~Fye~



To be able to love someone
It’s something to be bragged about even more
That’s why I want to support you, To stay by your side all along
No matter when Love will exist in this heart

Love is... for good
I could turn to such tenderness
Is because of your existence
Love is... for all
Because I want to see your smile
So please let me wait by your side

I love people to call me Fye. A quiet and cold person but can be friendly at the same time. Love ♥♥Kinki Kids♥♥ and ♥♥Sandaime J Soul Brothers♥♥ very much especially when it comes to ♥Domoto Tsuyoshi♥ and ♥♥Imaichi Ryuji♥♥. Love stage play, books and walking around town. My fandom : Kinki Kids,Sandaime J Soul Brothers, Liverpool FC and Lionel Messi. Love Japanese entertainment and my other favorite groups/singer/actor/actress are ♥KinKi Kids♥ ♥Sandaime J Soul Brothers♥ ♥Kanjani8♥ ♥SCANDAL♥ ♥Do As Infinity♥ ♥Koda Kumi♥ ♥Ayaka♥ ♥Tabe Mikako♥ ♥GreeeeN♥.
- Kinki Kids

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