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Two entry within a day?

Sorry but I can't hold myself to post this ><

I found this while searching for a wallpaper. Damn, I'm so in the mood of love with KinKi Kids at the moment.

Credit to the person who managed to upload and catch this beautiful moment of Domoto Tsuyoshi, whoever you are.

Arghhh Domoto Tsuyoshi!
He looks so good in private, isn't he? I believe this was taken two or three years ago, at the era of Tenma san ga Yuku lol

I've been listening to this album recently, and I must say, based on what I'm hearing, this girl sounds like YUI (I miss her T_T). Shiori Niiyama are part of indie music in the past as she performed street lives in Shinjuku area before made major debut on April 2013. Talking about this album, I kinda like it more than her previous album, Hello Goodbye which was released last year. Shiori Niiyama had become grown up and matured based on her songs list in Finder no Mukou. I love Snow Smile a lot, and followed by Sweet Road.

Doesn't she looks like Nounen Rena? :D

Btw, the tracklist for Finder no Mukou :

01 Atashi wa Atashi no mama de
02 Snow Smile
03 Koi no Naka
04 Ito
05 4choume no Kousaten
06 Sweet Road
07 Mou,Ikanakucha
08 Namae no nai Tegami
09 Heya deno Hanashi
11 Tonari no Yukue

Recommended. :))
28th-Dec-2016 12:58 am - Top 10 Favorite Ballad KinKi Kids
Wow! Its been ages I write on my own journal. Feel some kind of weird inside while typing this. lol.

Anyway, next year will be.....

20th Anniversary of KinKi Kids!!!

Big clap for our dear futari!

Counting days to their 20th anniversary, I got an idea, to share our favorite thing related to KinKi Kids. Something like, top ten favorite ballad, top ten favorite rock songs, top ten drama etc. I've think about this long time ago and and I thought this is kind of sharing knowledge I wish every fans would involve with. Since next year will be a BIG year for both Domotos, why not we started from now on, because I personally feel that every fans sure very passionate to share their favorite things related to Futari. ;)

So, lets started with Top Ten Favorite Ballad of KinKi Kids. Why ballad comes first? The answer is simple, Because we all know, KinKi Kids have the best BALLAD from JE. Thats it.

I try my best to list down my favorite ballad starting from their debut until now. Its a very tough choice, a very hard decision to made. 20 years together with 15 albums, 4 compilations plus 1 coming soon and 37 singles so far, its a very great and amazing achievement I must say. Thats why it is really difficult to made my choice after all, even I write this in 3am with KinKi Kids Love & Life con as my background music.

So, after a long quarrel in myself, here is my pick : (phew~)

My Favorite Ballad~Collapse )

Random writing : I've finish Season 4 of Star Trek : The Next Generations. Wow! So much in me that I wanted someone like Captain Jean-Luc Picard as my boss. Seriously. He is the man. But still, my heart goes to Liutenant Commander Data. (<3)

25th-Jan-2014 11:37 am - Domoto Kyoudai - NMB48 (140123)
The guest is NMB48, and don't ask me anything about this idols since I don't know anything about them and never heard any songs or watching any drama of them. The only AKB48 member I know is Takamina.

Not something special though, but the way our Kansai boys react to each other makes me love this eps. Well, they really complete each other ne? XD

The whispering episode~Collapse )
mikako 3

I keep playing this song on my phone right now, since I've watched the first episode of Boku no Ita Jikan. I'm not a fans of Yuzu but their songs are always good and fulfilled my expectation of this futari. And this song, Yorokobi no Uta suits well with the drama itself.

Download it hereCollapse )
mikako 3
10th-Jan-2014 11:29 pm - Do As Infinity - The Best of

My favorite band now released their best of, compilation of all the best songs for more than ten years together. This is the best compilation album of DaI i've ever had, compare to the previous compilation. My favorite before this are Do The A Side (released in 2005). All the songs are DaI-way, so we knows what kind of music they will give to the fans. Even tough I feel like it lack of something, but still, worth listen. Maybe because of I miss something from Dai Nagao himself, except for the songs from the original DaI members, such as Week! and Hinaotaru Sakamichi that makes me feel DaI is still DaI. Their new song is still great such as 1/100 and Timeless, but yeah...I miss the old DaI though it's been more than six years Dai Nagao leave the group.

The best ofCollapse )
mikako 3
5th-Jan-2014 10:32 pm - Kanata no Ko (2013)
The reason why I watch this drama is because of, it is about climbing Mount Fuji. Well, since I love hiking so much, and Mt. Fujiyama is one of my dream place to climb, I take the risk watch it without subs. The first episode is quite hard to understand, it seems like the plot and the storyline quite complicated and full of matters. It takes time for me to understand what really happen. Once I finish it, I search about this drama and got to understand what it is all about after read here

kanata no ko

Mt Fuji....Collapse )
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1st-Jan-2014 11:49 pm - Happy New Year 2014~
Happy new year guys!

Welcome 2014!

And we start it with a great pic.


Seems like everyone in here. who's missing actually? :D
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28th-Dec-2013 03:29 am - SOPHIA - Stain (18.10.2006)
The first time I listen to this song are on two days after the single was released. I'm not into visual-kei music but this song is kinda of....something inside it. Plus, the vocalist is Matsuoka Mitsuru, a very cool man indeed. I knew him after watching Hito ni Yasashiku.

and the lyric...Collapse )
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7th-Nov-2012 09:20 am - FNS Kayousai 2012
Fuji TV have announced the list of artist that will participate in this year FNS Kayousai that will be air on December 5 at 19.00 (FJP). Its a long list of name, but I just take a few of it...and yatttaaaaa!! Kinki Kids will be there!

Other artiste will participate, I name a few of them only :

J Soul Brothers
Sexy Zone
TM Revolution
Mr Children
Masahiko Kondo
Yamashita Tomohisa

More detail : http://www.fujitv.co.jp/FNS/index.html
kinki kids
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